Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laundry Station

I am THRILLED with our little laundry station! I wish I had a before picture, but there wasn't anything there before! When we moved in there was no washer and dryer and no cupboards. There were just some ugly wire racks which we hid with a curtain rod and curtains. We added our washer and dryer, replaced the wire racks with some beautiful cabinets from Habitat for Humanity and just yesterday I replaced our huge blue plastic laundry hamper with the black basket pictured above. I am so excited about that basket! 

I'm hoping soon to sew a little black mat for the top of the dryer and keep my glass jar of homemade laundry soap/supplement out. 

I highly recommend adding a tablespoon of half borax/ half washing soda to your laundry loads! ($3 for a big box at Walmart) It allows for less laundry soap and gets your clothes smelling much cleaner! Doing this made our $7 jug of laundry soap last 9 months! (and we do laundry pretty much every day) 

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  1. Looks Beautiful!!! nice and clean! and thanks for the tip! I buy soap every week.. I love the GAIN liquid.. wonder if I can put Borax on that... xoxo Marissa